Long Term Care

Numerous statistics indicate that the need for long term care will rise dramatically. Yet many people are unaware that under most circumstances, government programs will not pay for Long Term Care

Medicaid- the state/federal program is for people with limited assets, and before any benefits can be paid for Long Term Care, most of all your savings must be depleted.

Medicare- of the number of people who are eligible for Medicare, very few understand the drastic limitations of Long Term Care benefits.

Medigap- The Medicare Supplement Plans provide virtually no coverage for Long Term Care.

Several states have initiated a program to educate their citizens about the increasing need for a Long Term Care plan.

BCI will work with you to determine your needs and level of affordability. From that point, we will review the plans from insurance companies available in your state. We then can compare plan designs, discounts and rates, and you can make your decisions based on that information.

The cost for providing Long Term Care is astronomical. Allow BCI to assist you in the selection of a policy that is now considered by many to be a necessary asset.


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